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Cell Therapy


Cell therapy is an injection (implant) and cell suspensions of fetal tissues from animals born donors, and allow for restoration of cellular function achieving a revitalization of organs, tissues and endocrine glands for the implanted tissue.

Since this fundamental therapy to regain those energies that we thought could never be recovered.

Discovery and Development of Cell Therapy

The idea of ​​stimulating to revitalize the organs, tissues and endocrine glands deficient for the sole purpose of restoring the cellular activity; to regenerate body functions and functions of tissues, embryonic cells of animals (sheep), dates the oldest human documents Egyptian Ebers Papyrus, a document written by Aristotle, and later the famous physician Paracelsus, who in the sixteenth century taught his disciples that "the cure for his counterpart counterpart" The heart heals the heart, liver cure liver, kidney, kidney cure, or treat an organ by organ.

The eminent French physician Alexis Carrel, who demonstrated scientifically was the immortality of a tissue, held for 27 years beating heart of a chicken in a container with saline, to which they added every day filtered fluids of another heart chicken. During the years from 1912 to 1939. Alexis Carrel demonstrated for the first time that a body is aging rapidly regains its strength if you add the extract of a similar body.

Another doctor who helped tirelessly in the research and dissemination is the Swiss Paul Niehans who treated a patient with thyroid and parathyroid removal, not having the ability to implement them, crush them and injected the patient dying of tetany box presented by the patient.

And from these discoveries and knowledge as a basis of cell therapy.

The cellular therapy is a treatment aimed at stimulating the development of cells, organs and regenerate enough to the sick.

Acquires its importance when considering that their action is not based on chemical synthesis products, usually outside the human body, but cellular elements that are similar or common to all higher species and that could help cure desired.

The cellular therapy is a biological treatment of the whole organism. Returns the health and vitality to the sick body, providing trillions of cells effective therapeutic elements contained in the tissue cells extracted from embryos or young animals.

The main problem is the rejection of the implant body to foreign elements. In this case bovine fetuses are highly compatible and non-allergens in the gestational period, plus the number of chromosomes is similar to humans. The fetus (unborn child), has not yet developed any immune activity by itself, is in fact an implant tolerated by the mother would otherwise be rejected.

On the other hand, the newly born, some glands and testes, ovaries, adrenal and pituitary glands are not active or are too small, so used the young animals.

Should be carefully supervised by veterinarians and have kept in strict quarantine (6 weeks) before use. All preparation is done under strict aseptic and antiseptic measures in highly specialized laboratories.

Different Techniques

Fresh cells:

In a time not more than 45 minutes to 3 hours, cells must remove the organs needed to prepare and inject suspension to the patient. Is the original method and thus worked for many years until the technique was equally effective alternatives.

Frozen cells:

After obtaining the cell material, it is rapid freezing (cryogenic) temperatures down to minus 70 ° C. managed to preserve the vitality and power integrity therapy and sterility for periods of 4 to 8 months (remember how the reference human and animal sperm is frozen with a similar method for subsequent insemination for long periods of time).

Dry cells:

The product is dried by freeze-drying method, preserving the biological cellular material intact for years. It is a practical method that allows the handling, transportation and more comfortable control. LYMPH cells produced by Bionet Laboratory in Cordoba are manufactured under the most modern technical and quality reputation and is recognized by the ministries of health in countries as strict in their rules as Switzerland and Germany. All basic research and clinical trials using dried preparations.

The therapy of célulasse based on the fact that the tissue can regenerate worn by implantation of cells, especially neonatal animals. Therefore, this therapy is indicated and is particularly useful when the organs, tissues or organ systems begin to show signs of fatigue, tiredness, weakness and degeneration.

Cell therapy only works if the organ affected by a chronic disease process is still able to react to stimulation. Biological treatment, results in the restoration of organ function, and the renewal of the coordination of organ systems. Promotes organ function and, at the same time in a general revitalization, rejuvenation of his physical strength and a regeneration efficiency of somatic organs.

Indications for Use of Cellular Therapy

The supply of enzymes and biochemical substrates of inorganic elements of fetal tissues give the body a chance to repair the damage and structural defects, to improve the functional structures weakened by abuse in the workplace, smoking, stress, aging , alcohol, trauma from the hectic daily life today and so on.

It is for this reason that cell therapy with all his enormous contribution of several million cells, trillions of cellular elements (mitochondria, Golgi apparatus, lysosomes, ribosomes, endoplasmic reticulum, vacuoles, proteins, enzymes, cell skeletons, biochemical substrates, trace elements, etc.) is not only symptomatic therapy if not a total preventative therapy.

Correct diagnosis is essential for success, hence for practical purposes have been established categories and indications where it has proven more effective.

Biological therapy is a targeted, which aims to stimulate, activate, repair or regenerate organ cells insufficient, deficient or damaged by pathological conditions, using the residual capacities of the organism.

It is a natural treatment that integrates the body while only act as chemical treatments are removed by physiological processes. All chemical molecule can have side effects and toxicity.

Cell therapy has long lasting effects and engenders self-healing reactions.

Comprehensive revitalization and reactivation of health

• Physical deterioration of the general low vitality.

• Physical exhaustion and / or psychological.

• Effects of illness or operation.

• Depression, emotional stress.

• Premature aging and wear of various systems and organs: brain, heart, circulation, lungs, liver, kidneys, digestive system.

• The overall revitalization can be used in all ages.

Dysfunction of the endocrine glands

• Hypothyroidism.

• Menstrual disorders.

• Obesity glandular disorders.

• disorders in men.

• Diabetes Mellitus.

• benign prostatic hypertrophy.

Chronic degenerative diseases (geriatrics)

• Coronary heart disease and heart failure.

• Hypotension and hypertension.

• Sequelae of stroke.

• senile pulmonary emphysema.

• chronic digestive disorders.

• Renal and liver cirrhosis.

• Parkinson's disease.

• Arteriosclerosis.

• cerebrovascular insufficiency.

• Osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease).

• Osteoporosis (bone disease).

• Anemias.

• Mental impairment Brain predemencia senile.

Autoimmune disease

• Low resistance and susceptibility to infection.

• Rheumatoid arthritis.

• Lupus erythematosus.

• scleroderma, psoriasis.

• Bronchial Asthma


• Delay in the growth of pituitary origin.

• Underdeveloped sexual organs.

• Syndrome adipose-genital.

• cerebral palsy.

• Mongolism (Down syndrome).

• moderate mental weakness, hypoxia or sequelae post encephalitis or meningitis.

• Delayed Puberty.

• Delayed fracture healing or wound closure.

As the number of cases treated and further research, new fields expand. Recent efforts are focused on cancer immunotherapy in the treatment of such difficult problems such as multiple sclerosis, where encouraging results have been obtained (in research).

Revitalization or reactivation of health

The revitalization is not only a procedure for the elderly, so it can be done at all ages, especially in adulthood. We now know that stress is the main risk of mortality and emotional factors that cause physical and mental exhaustion as well as premature aging and disease susceptibility to a variety of forms.

Considering that modern life and environmental factors are increasingly affecting more health conditions of the population, understand why it is recommended Cell Therapy executives, artists, professionals and all those overworked and subject to physical and emotional pressures.

The concept is to implement a revitalization therapy as part of a vacation combined with a period of rest, serenity, good food and without excess alcohol and snuff, unlike the holidays in crowded places they produce resting place greater wear.


All infectious conditions.

All acute and chronic accelerated evolution.

Decompensated organic disease (arrhythmias, cirrhosis, kidney disease to kidney failure, acute pulmonary edema).

Some of hyperfunctioning endocrine diseases (Basedow disease) as the stimulus, the effect would be undesirable.

Cases in which the gland is underactive very severe (pituitary necrosis, Addison by destruction of the adrenal) where the only thing is the use of hormone replacement therapy.

States of mental and physical impairment so severe that there are no organic reserves to respond to the stimulus.

In cases of hypertension adrenal medulla does not apply.

Not apply when a suspected pituitary benign or malignant neoplasm, nor embryonic placenta.

In the recent processes or implementing vaccination sera, will be at least 3 weeks before injecting cells.

The faster the action of the adrenal medulla is due to the content of norepinephrine (pallor, palpitations, agitation, sweating, hypertension) in spontaneous resolution.

Most of the glands or tissues act within 2 or 3 weeks, the hypothalamus and other brain tissues take about 5 to 6 weeks.

The early results are not due to the cells themselves, but the light soluble protein metabolism.

The cells are very sensitive to chemicals, toxins, x-rays, high temperatures and also to the parasite.

Structure of treatment

The procedure is based on treating a diseased organ with corresponding cells of healthy organs. However, as is common for a body affects the entire system or device to which it belongs, should include several types of cells, developed a scheme to individual patient requirements.

The strategy involves 8 or more different simultaneous implementations in a single session (colon), or apply one or two implants per week. Sex is important in organ function correlated with ovaries, testes, placenta implants should be according to the appropriate sex.

In principle one must obtain a clinical diagnosis based on a complete medical history, complemented by laboratory methods and normal cabinet, which will determine if the patient is suitable for cell therapy.

Then will develop a treatment regimen which is individualized according to the requirements and conditions of the patient.

It is standard in a single session 8 or more are applied simultaneously and different implants under the strictest standards of hygiene and asepsis.

The applied material is not painful, because it is a natural biological product whose composition corresponds to the tissues and body fluids of the patient.

The patient should rest in bed for 24 to 72 hours, at home, in a hotel if it is foreign or in a hospital (if they require nursing care).

The patient should eat during the course of the implant, low and lightweight dietary instructions will be provided by your doctor.

A series of post-cell therapy indications are always delivered to the patient in writing from the doctor.

There may be slight temperature rise in some cases for a few hours or a few days, is called fever of absorption and poses no risk (the doctor should be notified).

In some treatments may be a slight redness (erythema) and swelling around the puncture site and implants such as placenta.

Treatment may also be given orally, complementing it with the tablets WOMEN, MEN AND SPECIAL as sex and age of the patient should take one to three tablets each, for an indefinite period, the oral specific organs (heart , brain, thymus, etc..), you can collect several bottles in a glass with water or juice, preferably at bedtime on Friday to rest over the weekend.

The cells of different tissues implanted are fragmented by white blood cells, releasing their active components called "Trefon" which are transported to the organs related by a principle called organotropic. The healthy and active cellular products penetrate cells deficient or aged bodies which thus resume their normal trends reactivated as regular cell replication is a vital part of living beings. Specific organ cells, are divided and are absorbed by the appropriate bodies at places where the tissue is affected by a genetic tropism (the organ specificity has been tested with a cell labeling with radioactive isotopes and immunological means).

The cells are not needed are not incorporated and are surrounded by antibodies that inactivate and then deleted. As stated above the fagotisosis by macrophages, acquires its importance to the extent that the process favors the reception of useful material for cellular resistance, as in it, the flaps are cleaved cell receptor-related elements (enzymes, polypeptides, DNA , RNA, and basic organic substances), transferred and incorporated by the cells macular vesicles or their respective counterparts.

Mode of action

Due to the enormous biological potential consisting of several million fresh cells, trillions of organelles, biochemical substrates, hormones, enzymes, trace elements, which are taken to their respective organs by lymphocytes. After the shot or implant, usually happen three phases:

• First phase or initial phase:

It occurs in the first hours and days active cellular elements are absorbed into the bloodstream and induce an improvement in the short term vanishes in the following days.

Feeling of warmth throughout the body, with a slight increase in body temperature (0.5 to 1 degree Celsius) no fever, heat gain is due to a normal response movement and transport of cellular material in the body, after 20 hours there will be a feeling of warmth and redness on the cheeks and face.

Increased intestinal gas, increased diuresis, by elimination of retained fluid, there will be emotional tranquility, and a pleasant feeling of drowsiness.

• Second phase:

It is called the silent treatment, which can last from 3 to 10 days after implantation, with the period that the cellular elements required for the adaptation and integration into the host's cells. During this period the patient usually no improvement is apparent (although some report from earlier periods).

The greater therapeutic effect or real recovery and recovery of organs and systems cellular tissue, with high elasticity of the tissues, glandular specific stimulation, absolute improvement in quality of life with rejuvenating effect is presented after a period of three or four weeks and even several months.

The total body revitalization is within the margin of possible biological limits.

• Third phase:

Is the state of revitalization or recovery of functions, starting from 1 to 3 weeks and lasts 4 to 12 months. During this period, the desired therapeutic goal is obvious, there are mostly renewed vitality, functional capacity, greater improvement in general condition. The reactivation of health is manifested in an increased appetite, improved weight, disappearance of weakness, increased physical and mental capacity, in a better mood. When the problem is organic, it is clear an improvement in the function of these organs. The final effect can and should last for several months to several years depending on the self, the healthy lifestyle is important to take the tablets as the sex of each patient.


It should begin eight days before the date set for the implant a diet completely free of animal protein: meat of all kinds, eggs, dairy.

The patient should eat only fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes.

Nor should take soft drinks, liquor, coffee, fruit drinks only water or aromatic drinks.

Must sweeten your food with brown sugar or honey, avoiding the use of refined sugar

Avoid fats in the eight days prior to fasting, you can only use oil first cold apprehension (extra virgin olive oil)

The implant is made, after having done an enema (boil a liter of water with a tablespoon of ground coffee, cold brew once and apply to adults, children made them a mild laxative).

It should if possible be at rest 12 hours before the time of implant.

You should also plan a break 48 hours after implantation of cell therapy.


Cell implants injections should be repeated in the case of healthy adults and children every 6 months in the case of chronic degenerative diseases in children with disabilities can be applied every 15 days, extending its application to the extent that the improvement is more lasting.

These lapses of time between injection and injection naturally dependent upon the clinical indications and vary from 5 months to 2 years.

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